Well if no one else is going to say it I will… Polka-dot painted toes is an adorable idea – for a teenager. Or maybe even a young mother in her thirties. Or – ok – maybe even an over-the-hill gramma in her late forties who’s young at heart and just trying to keep up with the young people of today but…

…this is NOT what I EVER want to see in public on the feet of my president!

The paint job may be cute as Hell but Sarah’s skin is not. It’s dry, flaking, peeling, reddened and leather-like.  The person who gave her this pedicure and told her it would be ok to go out in public and show off her bare, crusted toes should be sent to bed without supper.

And for the record, in case anyone out there is thinking I’m being too hard on poor Sarah – see the angry redness and flaking in the upper left corner of the big toe? That’s pretty much what my toe looked like just before learning I had a fungal infection that required three months of medicine and the nail removed.

I’m just grateful her pants are too long and cover the rest of her toes.

There’s a common restaurant sign that should apply to places and events where all presidential wannabes congregate: