Australia and the US do not share the same date for Father’s Day. While the US celebrates this day every third Sunday of June, Ozzies celebrate it every first Sunday of September.

If you’ve been an Oz Mudflats visitor for a while you’ll know that my spouse lost his dad last New Year’s Eve, that he was in his mid 80’s and had been sick for a very long time – and that spouse and I had been caring for him, full-time, for many years.

Well, the Crematorium that handled much of the funeral and burial arrangements has thoughfully sent us an invitation to a ‘Father’s Day’ lunch – like a memorial for those who have lost their dads I assume…

[click image to enlarge]

Our problem is this… Would yOu eat sausages barbecued in front of a crematorium?

How about finger food?

How about chips dripping with tomato sauce?

And remember, you’d all be standing in front of a crematorium with a headstoned mausoleumed graveyard as a backdrop. Wouldn’t yOu be tempted to ask someone if they’d seen Buffy?

We can’t stop laughing. The bad puns are everywhere. No way could we show up at this event and keep a straight face or not pop a couple of inappropriate (say, do you know what goes into a sausage?) jokes – or even a (yanno – that bit of charcoal looks familiar…) comment or two.

We’re doomed to be social outcasts…