A few weeks ago Laura Novak wrote a piece about how emaciated Sarah Palin appears in her Iowa promotional video. (Promotion of what many of us still don’t quite uderstand but that’s off-topic here.) I too watched the  clip and thought wow Sarah’s lost considerable weight.

Today I visited Palin’s Q & A and read this piece about how the conservative pundits (undoubtedly spurred on by Karl Rove’s latest sparring match with the Queen of Caribous) are becoming quite vocal in sharing their opinions concerning Sarah’s announcing her candidacy for 2012 or not. It’s become a genuine (sorry) shit or get off the pot moment in Sarah’s political career.

In the piece are links to conservative posts on the subject and while all were worth the read, one in particular found me leaning on the [print screen] button.

Because of age differences, only two of my daughters were ever teenagers at the same time. Anorexia and Bulimia came of age, making their public debut, in the middle and it turned into quite the family conversation as one of my teen daughters had a friend she suspected of being anorexic. Our family physician was also a family friend and I turned to him for consult.  He gave me this rather old-fashioned bit of advice for spotting malnutrition in a civilized society:

If a person wears a necklace that doesn’t actually rest on the skin but is elevated away from the skin by the bone, there might be a problem. Actually many healthy women will have the necklace slightly raised by the clavical. If you know the person well enough slide a finger underneath. If you can do this without moving the chain, the odds increase that there’s a problem.

Again, if you know the person well enough, put your index finger on one side of the clavical and your thumb on the other – if you can touch your thumb to your finger with nothing but skin between them, call a doctor.

 I’ve pulled two photos from the AP video, leaving one of each untouched and enlarging the neckline on a second set. I used the smooth skin option only to soften the harsh lines which occur with pixelation.

There is not an ounce of body fat between the clavical and upper portion of the scapula. Her necklace not only isn’t resting on skin it’s elevated enough to cast a shadow. Sarah Palin is not just thin-skinned emotionally – she’s thin skinned period. How can she possibly be healthy enough for a job as physically demanding as the presidency?

To whomever it is that owns Sarah – you might want to feed her!