I’m trying to wrap my head around how the United States would have reacted, as a nation, to news following Hurricane Katrina that FEMA help would not arrive until someone put up their hand to be responsible for the bill. Aye, that there would be no food, water, transportation to shelter – no relief at all until someone guaranteed GW that they would foot the bill.

Sorry. All I get are deer-in-the-headlights stares and the sound of crickets.

But The Immoral Minority today *posted a link to an article at Business Insider that says just that – no federal assistance will be green-lighted by the Repubs until and unless the Dems agree to enough tax cuts to pay for the FEMA docket.

Nup. Still crickets.

This is how the story appears on the website. I thought a visual might help. Eric Cantor’s threat to those about to become homeless hangs above a photo of the last recorded position of Hurricane Irene, currently in the process of redesigning America’s eastern coastline despite the number of communities (you know, those pesky always-got-their-hands-out people in their annoying little homes, businesses, government buildings, hospitals, libraries, schools, churches, communities, forests, parks, electrical hubs, fresh water reservoirs or – wait for it – nuclear power plants – that happen to be in her way).

Seriously? FEMA assistance could be withheld from people in the midst of a natural disaster they neither asked for nor wanted but are nonetheless cold and wet and homeless and hungry standing in a pile of rubble where their homes used to be because the Republicans want to vote on tax cuts first?

I have no words.

Wait… something’s coming back to me… Spine Meld – no, no… Ben & Jerry’s… nup nup… oh wait I got it! Jerry Seinfeld! George and Elaine! Yeah that’s it! Sure! The old Soup Nazi episode of Seinfeld! The one with the crazy-ass cook who makes the best soup in New York but he’s got these stupid rules about who can have it and who can’t…


Personally, I think if the Republicans are so worried about how the government is going to pay for helping taxpayers rebuild their destroyed communities with tax monies already paid for just these kinds of emergencies that they should abstain from accepting any government assistance offered. After all, they don’t believe in handouts, right?

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