…spouse and I were watching television before going to bed. Channel 10 News interrupted to say something was happening in the US but the report hadn’t been officially confirmed. The wall behind the reporter changed to a live shot of the Twin Towers and one building had smoke billowing out.

As the reporter, listening intently to his earpiece, began to tell us that apparently a plane had crashed into one of the towers a second plane flew straight into the second tower. We watched it happen just as if it had been a special effects moment in a movie. It wasn’t real. It was too outrageous to conceive of being real.

Needless to say we didn’t sleep that night as if staying connected to the television might somehow shift everything back to normal. From California to Florida I called each of my children, my mother, sister, friends – I just had hear everyone’s voice – to know everyone was okay.

A lot of Ozzies with no physical connection at all stayed awake that night. The Australian government, at that time led by Prime Minister John Howard didn’t flinch at lending support to the US or following Pres. Bush’s lead into Afghanistan to hopefully ferret out bin Laden. A lot has changed on the political landscape since that night ten years ago but horror at the events of 9/11 remains eked in all our hearts.

To those we lost on that wretched day – even if we didn’t personally know you – know you’re missed.