Before I show you all what some of us have found concerning Red Bandana Guy and Ponytail Girl I’d like to redirect your attention to the right foot of Red-Shirt-Runner-We-Suspect-Might-Be-Sarah in the foreground and the hooded runner we’ve come to know as Teletubby (aptly described by a commenter due to the complete lack of facial features and oval-shaped face some thought to be the shoulder of the giant runner just behind).

From the very first post on this subject commenters (I’ll have proper H/Ts for everyone in the final draft) have pointed out the odd pattern of pixels surrounding this shoe. Perhaps unnatural is the better word as there is a triangular block of pixels to the bottom left of the shoe that simply can’t be a natural byproduct of enlargement. [click image to enlarge thumbnails then use view/zoom on your web browser toolbar to enlarge even more]


The image of the faceless, black-hooded runner in aqua blue shorts and odd grey shoes next to the unnatural seam in the photo is a curiosity in itself as – like the runner we named Bunny Hop Lady – her two shoes appear to be side-by-side as if jumping in place rather than running forward. Wrap yhour head around that if you can – but that’s not the point of this slice of film.

This is:

Please note the lack of curb on either side of Teletubby.
From back to front, green lawn changes to dark soil edge to grey asphalt. On this beautifully designed, well-groomed street often used for races just like the Jump In & Run event of 04 Sept 11, with a beautifully trimmed and litter-free curb on the opposite side of the street we suddenly have no curb at all.

But wait! There’s more!

About one metre later (39 inches) we have a beautiful raised curb – shaped and squared off  just like the curb pictured on the other side of this roadway.

The lawn edge may not line up with the curb to the left but it does match the walkways in other photos.



Did our phantom photo-shopper mistakenly mix photos of runners from the two paths? Is that why there’s curbing just one meter away?

But then… just another meter further along…

…we have a rounded and concaved curb peering out between runners – right where one runner is missing an entire upper thigh and right leg. The curb itself is also making a rather odd turn on an otherwise perfectly straight street.

I admit there can be more than one style of curb along 7+ miles of road/walkways. But how many times do you see three distinct different curbs/lawn edges within only feet of each other? I’m guessing no more than 6-8 ft actually. Look at the original again:

The only two photos of Sarah Palin taken on the course by the SLRC photographer show our would-be-runner only in and at the back of the pack of 5k runners EVEN THOUGH she was registered to run the half marathon.  So unless someone attempted to shorten the distance between 3-4 shots of 3-4 different groups of runners taken at 3-4 different locations around the course in an effort to create the illusion that Sarah-I-have-the-tightest-abs-Palin at some point bolted ahead of the 5k pack to achieve her fabulous time of 1:46 and collect the winning second place medal, this photo of jumbled feet, missing limbs and mismatched curbs makes no sense at all.

My final post on this ridiculous photo tomorrow.