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Palin, Red Bandana Guy and Beard Dude seem to be almost in the same horizontal row of runners.

So – why were there not more of these runners in the Gretawire photo?

Also too and… note the style of curb on the meridian. This is the same meridian that is the backdrop for the Gretawire photo and yet – in that photo the curb changes fromΒ  beveled to dirt edge to squared to beveled – purportedly on this same stretch of center raised meridian in a distance of what appears to be no more than two or three metres.

And now that Irishgirl has pointed out where Red Bandana Guy and Beard Dude are in relation to Palin in this early leg of the race it humbles me to see how agile Red Bandana Guy must be to have literally run sideways in order to leave the middle of the pack to get into this shot with Our Lady of The Divine Sneakers.

Don’t forget boys and girls – This photo had to be taken first – because it shows Sarah just as she pulls ahead of the little old lady walkers – which means not only does it look like Red Bandana Guy had to suddenly run sideways, but also too backwards just a skootch… and I’m guessing a time machine was somehow involved.

Mr. Sulu – get us out of here! Warp Speed!


================== Update! ==================

Thought I’d shift this from comments as it may be that others also too had difficulty understanding the significance of these photos or seeing what Irishgirl saw in them: