(had to…)

In any normal California bar/lounge/restaurant that serves alcohol, Bristol Palin would never have gotten out of the bullpen without a club bouncer jumping between her and the drunk heckler, another standing in the heckler’s face holding him at least by the arm and a waitress poised to dial 911 on her cell. You might even have witnessed a bartender or two jumping over the bar to make sure the heckler got nowhere near any female patron.

The employees of places that serve alcohol are very protective of their female clientele. If women don’t feel safe in your club they don’t return. Without the women, the men who spend money don’t come back.  All in all, it’s pretty bad for business if a club doesn’t go the distance to keep their female customers out of harm’s way.

If that’s not enough to convince you the Bristol/Heckler scene was a put-on, try this: California liability laws are tough. Clubs/restaurants literally cannot afford the legal trouble caused by a single bar fight. Any physical confrontation is a potential lawsuit. The owners of this club would have sacked their bouncers for not running interference. It’s why they’re there – to stop trouble before it happens.

No male employee in any club I ever worked for in California would have ever allowed Bristol to get in the face of a man so drunk he screamed YOUR MOTHER’S A WHORE loud enough to be heard across the room. The guy would have been led out the door by at least two big bruisers before she’d had a chance to get up off the floor.

Put your penis away Bristol – we all know it’s fake. No need to keep waving it around…