October 2011

It’s that time of year again…

and I lOve pUmpkins!!!

Some pumpkins have a warRped seNse of hUmour…

Some are really sCaRey!

Where do pumpKins come from anyway? Let’s ask BeRt & ErNie!

What’s that? From the bAby pumPkin hOspital?

Happy Halloween…




Fly safe!


I am on the downhill side of the summary mountain and need just a few odds and ends to tie things up with a nice pink bow.


A copy of the email in which Sarah discusses borrowing a jogging stroller for the Runner’s World 2009 photo shoot AND a link to whoever was the first blogger to post about it.


Sarah’s schedule for the summer of 2005 from snow thaw through the weeks prior to the Humpy’s race in Anchorage. And by this I mean was she working and if so where – how old was the youngest and who was the carer is not Sarah – where was Todd – what where the older kids up to, etc.

If anyone has her book and can look up her version of activities during these months (March to August 2005) that would be great.

As usual when writing about our Sarah, more questions crop up than are answered in the process… I know there’s more for me to ask you guys – so I’ll be back!


Eight best minutes I’ve spent in a long time…

Part 4 is here

While drafting the closing part to this summary piece, a few loose ends struck me as needing a separate post. Especially in light of a runner in the UK having recently been caught cheating and subsequently stripped of his bronze medal. So I ask that you bear with me through one more post before closing arguments begin.

First up – our very own Brian swam through a big bowl of piping hot conservative soup over on Facebook to ask the $64,000 question of the good people at the Storm Lake Running Club: How can you be sure  Sarah ran the entire race…

So I wrote a couple of things down.

Cathy Otto (1) remembers Sarah starting next to her, not because she knew it was Sarah Palin, but because she saw a woman struggling to remove a top shirt that had been pinned by the numbers bib. Cathy Otto placed ninth in her age group (40-49) in the mixed 5k run with  a time of 55:58.85 It is entirely possible she saw Sarah at the very start of the race but it’s odd to note that while Sarah was seen ‘struggling’ with the shirt, she ended up keeping it on – as a later photo will confirm. And really, all this does is reinforce the knowledge that Sarah was with the wrong pack, on the wrong side of the meridian at the start of the race.

Becca Danielle (2) who has just gone out of her way to explain why Palin might not have been noticed by the other runners, makes an odd response to a comment by someone named Jean. It’s odd because no comment by anyone named Jean appears in the thread. I’m guessing whoever it was made a remark the club didn’t like and the comment was then removed. We may never know. But we can make educated guesses.

Storm Lake Running Club (3) finally comments on the queries made by those wanting information regarding Sarah’s alleged run. It’s piss-weak however and doesn’t actually address the concerns. To say that a member of the club’s planning committee (a friend of Sarah’s perhaps?) who participated in the half marathon relay claims to have been neck and neck with Sarah throughout the first half of the race doesn’t even begin to resolve the issues presented by the photos.

Did this relay runner also begin at the back of the 5k runners on the wrong side of the meridian at the beginning? What defines the first half of the race? Half the distance of said runner’s leg of the race would be 3.5 miles – or did he or she mean neck and neck until the 7 mile mark where the runner hands off the baton? The biggest problem with this statement is the photo of Sarah still with the 5k runners after the other runners have clearly pulled ahead leaving her with the slower 5k runners – yet still running fast enough to take a silver medal at the end. Are there photos of Sarah running with this relay runner? Are there photos of the relay runner? They would be telling.

The Storm Lake club has a lot to lose by having a cheat exposed on their watch. Just look what this poor club had to deal with in the UK:

Full story here.
Follow up story here with sat nav proof of fraud.

(Editor’s note: Though we both caught this news at the same time I’m happy to give the h/t to  the very nice reader who took the time to post a link about this in the comments just as soon as he or she drops me a note telling me who he or she is because I’ve totally flaked on trying to find  the right set of comments and now I feel really awful!)

And to the naysayers who keep saying ‘nobody cheats in these races’ and that I’m barking up the wrong tree all I  can say is – bite me.

Finally, this has bothered me. I  can’t know the time distance between photos because none are time-stamped. But. We can place the Gretawire photo at the very onset of the race and at the back end of the curving meridian which separates the 5k racers from the half marathon runners – because in the Gretawire photo Sarah is just now jutting ahead of the pack of walkers – who cannot possibly keep pace with the runners anywhere else in the race.

So when we agree this photo is done at the very beginning, the changing curb in the background which should be a solid concrete curve edging what looks to be a meridian filled with redwood chips, makes no sense at all.

And somewhere beyond this meridian – the meridian where the camera captures Sarah along with our beloved Beard Dude and Red Bandana Guy – somewhere beyond the meridian and some 19-20 photos later Sarah (who ran fast enough to win the silver medal) is – well – have a look for yourself:

Sarah will be on the 5k side of the meridian which is definitely curved. She will not come from behind the walker pack for another 5 to 10 photos. In the meantime the following is taken by an as-yet-to-be-named photographer and submitted to Gretawire at Fox News:

Sarah juts ahead of the walkers and is seen flanking the nice man we named Beard Dude (grey beard, white shirt with side stripe, dark shorts) on the opposite side of the street). They are seen in this same almost-parallel positioning in this next shot, (although camera angle notwithstanding, she appears to be pulling slightly ahead of Beard Dude here) taken just 9-10 photos after the club photo (#2469 above):

And the point of this is now apparent in this next shot – another 10 photos or so later – when even though we’ve seen Sarah jutting ahead of the walkers and slower 5k runners and leaving Beard Dude and Red Bandana Guy (he’s in the photo just ahead of this one #2476) behind – and still wearing the red jumper over the grey tee and wide white headband, how should we explain what the camera saw in #2488?

And now you really have to ask yourself two questions:

1- If sarah spent so much time at the back of the 5k pack with the slower runners, how did she manage to clock 13 consecutive 8 min miles to win second place in her age group and…

2- If Sarah is still wearing the red jumper after pulling away from the opening starting area – how on earth did Todd know where to retrieve it on the track so he could be holding it for her at the finish line? Because Sarah doesn’t have it when she crosses the finish line and he’s photographed near the chute holding it all neatly rolled up – like the scam they just pulled off.

Storm Lake Running Club photos are for sale here.

To all my sleuthers – thank you all so much!

Started to post this in comments but realised it needed to be here instead…

For the first time in a very, very long time I seem to be short on words. This final page of summary on the SLRC half marathon race is important – and getting it right has become a bit of a challenge.

There are three things about the Gretawire photo I want to stress above all else – Beard dude’s missing torso and leg, Red bandana guy’s not-his-ponytail and how a solid curb could change it’s basic architectural structure four times in about 3 meters. I have all the graphics done – and most of the middle written but I’m finding it difficult to know what the introduction should address and then what the ‘last word’ should be.

My gut feeling is to end on the point about the medal – that she took it without earning it. I’m not above making an actual accusation – but I do want to do it ‘right’.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. What stands out as ‘the most important parts’ to you guys?

Once upon a time there was an ex-husband who signed divorce papers that included his maintaining full medical and dental insurance on his two daughters who remained in their mother’s primary care. The medical insurance was so inadequate the mother ended up paying for all of any medical bills incurred by her girls because it was cheaper than taking her ex back to court.

One day the oldest daughter complained of a toothache. The mother sought a dentist who specialised in children’s dentistry and made an appointment. It turned out the daughter needed more than one filling, requiring more than one visit. Mom made the arrangements, got the dental work done and forwarded the dental bills to her ex.

The father, (who earned ten times the income of the mother and who by this time understood that no matter what the custody agreement stated, he could afford to do whatever he wanted because his ex-wife did not have the funds to continually take him back to court to make him comply with the court orders) received the dental bills for his pride-and-joy-little-angel and returned them to his ex with this message: I will be happy to pay for all of Angel’s dental bills, including those portions not covered by my insurance but only if she lives under my roof where I can control her dental hygiene.

Mom assured dad this wasn’t going to happen and reminded him there was a court order in place in which he agreed to keep his daughters on his dental insurance. He replied by assuring her that he had no intentions of submitting any dental bills to his insurance company until and unless the girls lived with him.  Mom wrote a letter sending copies to the dentist, her ex, his attorney, her attorney and the judge who signed the custody agreement. That’s when she learned that court ordered agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re written on unless both parties share the same mutual interests: the health and well-being of their children.

The Republican party is holding America hostage. Republican members of congress are more interested in controlling congress than they are in solving the economic problems of our nation and caring for the health and well-being of it’s citizens.

It won’t matter to them that things like the American Jobs Act would help thousands of people to get back on their feet financially – it only matters to them that the county not get a break until and unless they are the party living in the White House.

An elected, seated American president should not be forced to campaign for his office the entire 4 years of his term. He should expect cooperation from all the elected officials holding office to do a job – and that job is to serve the American people.

The current behaviour of the Republicans in office are out of line. They would rather see my children and your children go hungry in an atmosphere of high rates and shrinking jobs than to knuckle down and do the work they were elected to do.

I’m thinking we should sue them for fraud and get our money back.



It doesn’t seem to matter to them that the MAJORITY of the people want this…


…it only matters to Republicans that THEY pwn the White House! Adolescent Dickheads.

Oh speaking of dickheads, Our Lady of the Divine Sneakers has been silent on Facebook. No fantasy notes about her trip to ROK and no slams for Obama and last night’s vote. Is she hiding?

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