I’ve been asked recently why I pursue the dissection of a photo (which I claim is a fake) in light of others’ easy dismissal. Here’s two reasons…

‘Twas the week before Christmas in December ’09

[click image to enlarge – its natural size is 1400 x 760 dpi – the width of a 19″ screen]

In order for Sarah to have run the full half marathon race on 04 September 2011 –and win a silver medal for time clocked – she would have needed to devote a healthy amount of time during the past 20 months to stretching, running and training and we know from following her busy schedule around the country and the world – that nary a whisper of her needing to stop anywhere along the way and train was ever spoken.

And correct me if I’m wrong but I’m pretty sure that after these photos were published Sarah has never worn shorts in public again.

There are 184 more reasons in the comment section 🙂


Running With Sarah: Did she or Didn’t she? (Summary part 5 – conclusion – to follow)

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