…that I voted for President Obama, that I am happy with the job he is doing and that when Sarah Palin opens her mouth in their country and shows her disrespect for my president it is NOT the consensus of opinion of most Americans.

So who can tell me where to write – please and thank you πŸ™‚

(summary part 5 is on the way)



To: World Knowledge Forum
At: knowledge@mk.co.kr

Β To whom it may concern,

Sarah Palin does not speak for me. I am one of the millions of people who voted for Barack Obama in the 2008 US presidential election. I am happy with the job my president is doing and trust he will continue to look for educated solutions to our countries economic and environmental problems.

Sarah Palin does not speak for me. When she disrespects my president at your conference, when she lies about his record and ignores his accomplishments, I want you to know she is voicing her own opinion – she is not speaking for me.

Sarah Palin by her own choice is no longer a politician. In the past she won a mayoral election on less than 1,000 public votes and then used taxpayer monies to hire a financial accountant to actually do the job because the work was beyond her grasp. She won a gubernatorial election with less than 500,000 votes and then quit less than half way through her term because the work was beyond her grasp.

Sarah Palin may be an entertaining, effective public speaker but she is not an authority of any kind. She deals strictly in opinions – her own – and does not represent any faction other than Christian Dominionist. For her to be presented by your organisation as an authority on world economics is beyond ludicrous.

Please remember as she uses sarcasm and falsehoods to describe the dedicated politicians in my country at your event – that she does not represent America and she does not speak for me.

My Signature,
California Voting district