Once upon a time there was an ex-husband who signed divorce papers that included his maintaining full medical and dental insurance on his two daughters who remained in their mother’s primary care. The medical insurance was so inadequate the mother ended up paying for all of any medical bills incurred by her girls because it was cheaper than taking her ex back to court.

One day the oldest daughter complained of a toothache. The mother sought a dentist who specialised in children’s dentistry and made an appointment. It turned out the daughter needed more than one filling, requiring more than one visit. Mom made the arrangements, got the dental work done and forwarded the dental bills to her ex.

The father, (who earned ten times the income of the mother and who by this time understood that no matter what the custody agreement stated, he could afford to do whatever he wanted because his ex-wife did not have the funds to continually take him back to court to make him comply with the court orders) received the dental bills for his pride-and-joy-little-angel and returned them to his ex with this message: I will be happy to pay for all of Angel’s dental bills, including those portions not covered by my insurance but only if she lives under my roof where I can control her dental hygiene.

Mom assured dad this wasn’t going to happen and reminded him there was a court order in place in which he agreed to keep his daughters on his dental insurance. He replied by assuring her that he had no intentions of submitting any dental bills to his insurance company until and unless the girls lived with him.  Mom wrote a letter sending copies to the dentist, her ex, his attorney, her attorney and the judge who signed the custody agreement. That’s when she learned that court ordered agreements aren’t worth the paper they’re written on unless both parties share the same mutual interests: the health and well-being of their children.

The Republican party is holding America hostage. Republican members of congress are more interested in controlling congress than they are in solving the economic problems of our nation and caring for the health and well-being of it’s citizens.

It won’t matter to them that things like the American Jobs Act would help thousands of people to get back on their feet financially – it only matters to them that the county not get a break until and unless they are the party living in the White House.

An elected, seated American president should not be forced to campaign for his office the entire 4 years of his term. He should expect cooperation from all the elected officials holding office to do a job – and that job is to serve the American people.

The current behaviour of the Republicans in office are out of line. They would rather see my children and your children go hungry in an atmosphere of high rates and shrinking jobs than to knuckle down and do the work they were elected to do.

I’m thinking we should sue them for fraud and get our money back.