Started to post this in comments but realised it needed to be here instead…

For the first time in a very, very long time I seem to be short on words. This final page of summary on the SLRC half marathon race is important – and getting it right has become a bit of a challenge.

There are three things about the Gretawire photo I want to stress above all else – Beard dude’s missing torso and leg, Red bandana guy’s not-his-ponytail and how a solid curb could change it’s basic architectural structure four times in about 3 meters. I have all the graphics done – and most of the middle written but I’m finding it difficult to know what the introduction should address and then what the ‘last word’ should be.

My gut feeling is to end on the point about the medal – that she took it without earning it. I’m not above making an actual accusation – but I do want to do it ‘right’.  Any input would be greatly appreciated. What stands out as ‘the most important parts’ to you guys?