I am on the downhill side of the summary mountain and need just a few odds and ends to tie things up with a nice pink bow.


A copy of the email in which Sarah discusses borrowing a jogging stroller for the Runner’s World 2009 photo shoot AND a link to whoever was the first blogger to post about it.


Sarah’s schedule for the summer of 2005 from snow thaw through the weeks prior to the Humpy’s race in Anchorage. And by this I mean was she working and if so where – how old was the youngest and who was the carer is not Sarah – where was Todd – what where the older kids up to, etc.

If anyone has her book and can look up her version of activities during these months (March to August 2005) that would be great.

As usual when writing about our Sarah, more questions crop up than are answered in the process… I know there’s more for me to ask you guys – so I’ll be back!