Herman Cain believed he could write his own ticket. That’s the meat and potatoes of motivational speaking. Believe it and it becomes the overriding truth.

But some truths can’t be wished away and today Herman Cain finally gets to pay the price for his arrogant hubris. And I hope the Republican party is paying attention because there’s a valuable lesson to be gleaned from what is happening to Herman Cain as we watch his campaign imploding:

Your rights end where my nose begins.

I applaud the women who are standing up to him and hope more like them come forward. Because – there are more. You just know there are. That’s the nature of the beast. At the peak of his career, believing he was invincible and entitled, Herman Cain would have had an insatiable hunger. There would have been a lot of women.

We so dodged a bullet here.

I become more enamoured with my president and his beautiful family every day.

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Politico’s got a great post up about a Cain email rant regarding the anonymity of his accusers negating the validity of their accusations. but the following comments are where I found this pearl:


If any of you find more send links or screenies and I’ll add them…

============ UPDATE ============


Fifth woman steps out of the shadows – this time an employee who was asked by Cain to arrange a meeting with a ‘lovely young woman’  following one of his speeches. The employee declined to fill the CEO’s order. In response, Cain behaved rather badly, leaving her and their small dinner group an $800 tab for two bottles of wine he choose not to share.

Personally, I think the ladies got away cheap! And the Pimp Daddy Express just keeps on rollin’…

Full Story Here.

============ UPDATE ============

Herman Cain: The gift that just keeps on giving…

From The Washington Post:

And then there were two… yes, two now named females have come forward to publicly out the Republican hopeful with allegations of sexual misconduct in the workplace. Maybe they will attract more – who knows – but one thing’s for certain. These women are not Democratic saboteurs, nor are they deranged flakes, nor are they after money and fame.

The ladies want a joint press conference to put forth a united front. Reminds me a bit like an old movie (or was it TV murder mystery?) where these women in a small town in Mexico who had been repeatedly raped and abused by law officials finally put a stop to it by killing them off one by one and leaving the bodies to rot in the sunshine.

Sharon Bialek and Karen Kraushaasr have retold credible stories and each has documentation, completely negating the claim they masy have ‘drummed this up’ to keep good ol’ Herm out of the White House.

And this emphasis strictly for the benefit of the teabaggers out there – both women are white.

I dunno about you guys but as I watched Cain lying through his teeth at the press conference earlier today, I swear I saw some vultures circling overhead…

Gryphen at the Immoral Minority has a good take on Herm’s presser here – along with the full video clip. Don’t miss it.