New Lie Detector Software Says Cain is Innocent and Bialek is Lying

If there is a failing with this software it will be that it tests recordings of voices, not the actual voices themselves. The basic principles of lie detector studies rest on the physiology of the person being monitored by the machine and a live technician. I’m completely unfamiliar with the software package used to determine Cain’s innocence this morning – have never heard of  it until ten minutes ago and have no understanding of how it works or which police services, and where, have used it successfully thus far.

I doubt it’s used in a court of law and I doubt it replaces actual lie detector tests performed by trained technicians but I am happy to approach this with an open mind.

I can offer two bits of information from my own experience:

1) If a man believes he is ‘entitled’ to do whatever it was he is accused of doing, it can reflect his honesty as he believes it – as opposed to whether or not he actually committed the act.  (And I don’t think I’ve ever encountered a more self-righteous, ego-entitled person than Herman Cain.)

2) Software can be written by the programmer to garner whatever results are desired.

Will be interesting to see how all the ladies treat this and if they demand a traditional lie detector test be run. This should keep the press busy for a while though eh?

============  UPDATE  ============

It’s pretty interesting to note that after finding this article through a ‘news alert’ which scans the internet for breaking news and most popular political stories, and posting it more than 10 hours ago that I can’t even find a whisper of these (what should be critical) results anywhere. Not even on other blogs.

I can’t see it being a hoax as it is presented on an east coast (US) network – which begs the question for me – how reputable is the CBS Atlanta?

Wouldn’t Cain’s attorney have been all over this if it were genuine? Or does the silence mean they’re busy hatching up a big bombshell to drop?

I also think it would be legally unwise for Cain’s team to blatantly call  Sharon Bialek a liar on national television, based upon this test result – but I’m no legal eagle.

Comments have been spot on – the observation that the ‘technician’ reporting the findings claims Cain has integrity displays bias a polygraph tech would never let show.

Following Alice down the rabbit hole is – at the very least – not boring 🙂

============  UPDATE  2 ============

Just over 21k  views on this youtube video at present. Only a handful of bloggers have commented so far.

I fail to understand how computer software can factor in what the  person is thinking – especially when the person is not even in the room.

PLUS – if Cain was being truthful when he said he didn’t recognise (know) these women and it’s proven he is guilty, that would speak volumes to his ego, incompetence and lack of social conscience altogether, no?

============  UPDATE  3 ============

From the Hinterland Gazette:

Herman Cain Defamation Lawyer Lin Wood & PI TJ Ward Too Close for Comfort, Worked Together on Natalee Holloway Case

November 11, 2011
Janet Shan 

… Herman Cain’s defamation lawyer Lin Wood & PI TJ Ward have worked together in the past, most notably on the disappearance of Natalee Holloway, on her mother, Beth Holloway Twitty’s behalf. So, it is a little suspect that T. J. Ward suddenly appears on the scene with a lie detector software, or Layered Voice Analysis, that says Herman Cain was telling the truth during his press conference to respond to Sharon Bialek’s allegations of sexual harassment…

… As for Sharon Bialek’s statements coming across as a lie, there is a big difference when one is reading from a written document and improvising, as Ms. Bialek seems to have done. Herman Cain was coached. It’s clear that Sharon Bialek didn’t have enough time to have been coached, so the delivery is going to be far different, with stress.

… I wouldn’t put too much stock in TJ Ward’s voice analysis software test results for both the accused and the accuser. I am sure the results aren’t as fool-proof as TJ Ward would have the general public believe… As for his success rate… It isn’t a coincidence that T. J. Ward suddenly popped up with his voice analysis software to come to Herman Cain’s rescue. This was an orchestrated move on the part of either Herman Cain & Lin Wood or Lin Wood and T. J. Ward or all three. This isn’t a coincidence. The timing is very, very suspect.

A few comments from the discussions I thought you might find interesting:

THE TRUTH IS OUT THERE SOFTWARE  The prospect of Truster or similar programs installed on thousands of home and business PCs, however, worries traditional polygraph specialists. They argue that even if the technology is sound – which many of them question – untrained individuals convinced they can divine another’s honesty is a recipe for disaster. “If it were being marketed as a novelty, that would be one thing,” said Frank Horvath, a criminology professor at Michigan State University’s School of Criminal Justice. “But people will use this for making real-life serious decisions, believing it really works.” … Clinton’s statements on the Monica Lewinsky affair found the president to be highly excited but truthful when he denied sexual relations with the intern….” ..

I have a close friend who was involved with the Restaurant Association along with Cain, and he told me way before this all came out in the media that Herman Cain was a womanizer and had gotten himself into trouble with women. I happen to believe my friend who is a Republican by the way.

@sleeplite, it appears that CBS Atlanta reached out to Mr. Ward, not the other way around. How they came to know about Mr. Ward (did someone suggest him?) is anyone’s guess, but if it was due to the notoriety of the Natalee Holloway case, why did CBS Atlanta not also note that attorney Lin Wood, who preceded Cain at the press conference, was the Holloway family attorney as well? If they knew it, why didn’t they disclose it? You can flag me till my posts drop off, it doesn’t change the fact that this test proves nothing about Cain’s guilt or innocence. The accuracy of voice stress analysis was found to me no better than 50% based on the US Military’s use in Guantanamo Bay interrogations.

This software does not prove she is lying any more than it proves Cain is innocent. It is possible to deceive polygraph tests and I’m sure it is possible to deceive this test if you conveniently knew your statement was going to be analyzed. If Mr. Cain were coached, or rehearsed his statement repeatedly, the results could be skewed. The legitimate question I have raised is why was it not disclosed that the investigator, TJ Ward and Cain’s attorney, Lin Wood worked together.

Herman Cain defamation lawyer Lin Wood & PI TJ Ward worked together on Natalee Holloway disappearance case… Cain (and CBS Atlanta) may soon be quoting Rick Perry, “oops”

Interesting, but these shorties are my favourites:

I seriously doubt that Cain would be interested in white women if he married a black woman. (Your jaw just dropped, dinnit!)

John…well said! Cain is the “real deal” when it comes to reform. The rest are just shuffling the cards. A saying you’ve probably heard, SSDD.

Eric, Mr. Cain I believe will take a polygraph adminstered by a top polygrapher before the Iowa vote. He will pass with flying colors. The problem Axelrod has in trying to smear this candidate, is we have a man Herman Cain, who is the “real deal” not a creation of the crazed media elites.

heh – sound familiar? If anyone is missing a few Palinbots – I think we just found ’em for ya 🙂