Have just spent over an hour on the phone with my mother – me in Australia and mom in California – both watching the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade live in New York City – how cool is that! Live streaming! Where have you been all my life!

So with all the other things I have to be thankful for this year I’m including giving thanks for all the really great gadgets and techy toys some pretty amazing geeks have invented that made my visit with mom this morning possible!

Eat lots and lots of turkey and cranberry sauce and baked sweet potatoes covered with mini marshmallows and stuffing with gravy and corn on the cob and pumkpkin pie with gobs of whipped cream on top! And then have a second helping for me because there’s no Thanksgiving downunder *sniff* and spouse and I decided to skip our unorthodox celebration this year. (We sometimes invite a few friends the first week in December to share what we’ve dubbed our American Thanksgiving A Week Late & In The Wrong Country celebration.)

Anyway I’m off to call all my kids – can’t wait to hear their voices – I hope you are all enjoying family and special friends – and those who are able – take a plate or two to a homeles shelter and share the joy 🙂

Courtesy of earthcam.com here are some screenies (click to enlarge) of the parade:

Did you know this little guy has been around since the 1870’s? The Morton Salt girl too evidently!

An actual Kool dude 🙂

Hi Mickey!!!


Have a lovely day everyone 🙂