Have not had time to properly research this yet so I’m just going to supply a screenshot of my email letter and the two links that were inside so you can read, respond or just go hide in a corner – because to be honest, hiding in a corner is my first and preferred reaction 🙂

[click to enlarge]

Link to more information. (Includes a Vimeo video I can’t embed.)

Link to contacting your senator. (Requires zip code.)

I’m all for copyright owners collecting their well-deserved royalties. But I also hate censorship and am really, really tired of big corporations getting congressional votes on anything.


NOTE:  Have found and enabled the nested thread feature – hopefully this will allow us to respond directly to a comment without having to copy/paste posters names, etc. Wish I could get wordpress to allow .jpg’s to appear in comments – that would save a stack of time and grief…