I’m probably going to Hell anyway so what the heck… this is dedicated to the creative team over at the Perils of Palin who are busy working up a slightly blasphemous nativity scene. When I ‘got’ the picture below I laughed for days – and when I read the latest PoP post I knew it was time to share:

Can’t get the song out of your head now can you…

Having grown up in both a protestant and orthodox house I have always considered myself a good Christian. And even though I put my whole heart and soul into traditional Christianity as a kid, there simply came a time I outgrew believing in all the abracadabra and smoke and mirrors of religion.

I believe in being a good friend and neighbour – in not destroying the environment where I can help it, in sharing what I have with those who have less, never causing harm to another living being and always striving to be someone others can trust.

I don’t see why it’s necessary to have faith in a supreme being in order to have a conscience but if you do, that’s ok too πŸ™‚