Stuck with a relative who’s still into Sarah?

Get paired up at work with a Palinbot for the office Silent-Santa gift exchange and don’t know what to get?

Well even if all you want to do is give a liberal a laff, I found THE PERFECT gift for Palin fans at this website.

Welcome to Holiday Hell…


Tacky Sarah Palin Christmas sweater! On this sweater, Sarah Palin is wearing her own tacky sweater, complete with decorations. She’s got happy jazz hands, wearing her winter gloves. Bust = 42″ Length = 25″. Sleeves are 12″ half-length.


You might even want this one for yourself! You know – to prove to the world that while you might be a liberal, you’re also too fair and balanced!


T-neck red Tacky Sarah Palin Christmas Sweater! Sweater has a rear zipper at the neck for easy on-off. This sweater is 2-sided! The front has Sarah wearing a pair of festive antlers. On the back of the sweater, Sarah Palin is wearing her own tacky sweater, mittens, and a santa hat! Decorative accents include beads, pom poms, bows, and trim. This festive sweater is a winner! Bust=34″. Length= 22″.

AND THAT’S NOT ALL! Each of these lovely creations is not only a steal at $64.95, they are also too pre-owned which means you’d be helping other lucky gift recipients to recycle!


I don’t know about you guys but I sure know where I’m going shopping for my stocking stuffers this year!!!

Ugly Christmas Sweaters Dot Com – where have you been all my life!!! (omg I am so into the sweaters with twinkle lights!)