Brontee is one of five siblings with a teenage sister and three animated, outgoing, overly-protective brothers aged ten and below. The boys have reportedly done handsprings to pick up toys their sister was about to get busted for not putting away herself and reprimanded their mum for unfairly scolding their prized little princess. Closing in on her third birthday, Brontee is a beautiful, bright little girl and I am quite confidant she’ll be lording over her brothers just as soon as she works out how much power the boys have bestowed upon her.

But for now, the young men not allowed to cuss are reveling in Brontee’s mispronunciation of the word smack.


I love this. First because parents today can forever capture these precious moments  with the flip of a mobile phone and second because it took me back to the days when my own kids were young and tripped over the F Bomb for the first time. Like the littlie in this clip my oldest nephew couldn’t say fire truck without turning it into fiyahfuck – which he said loudly and with great enthusiasm – which was unfortunate as my prudish brother was a fireman and loved taking his son to his station house.

My youngest daughter confused fuck with frog which made her siblings giggle with glee and so struck the funnybone of a family friend that he once absconded with the gold ceramic frog that lived in my bathroom and showed up with it at Pizza & Pipes for a Saturday night family outing. Sitting at the opposite end of a long table from my daughter he boldly reached into his jacket, retrieved the shiny, borrowed figurine, held it up in the air and hollered to the other end of the table Hey missy! Look what I have!

My 2 year old stood straight up in her high chair, wildly waved an accusing finger and bellowed in her oh-so-deep nobody-knows-where-she-got-it baritone voice…


It was enough to make the organist stop playing.


*          *          *

Healing is going well but pain level is still too much for me. I just keep reminding myself that it’s temporary – and we can do anything short-term.  I’ll have a progress report next week. Thank you for all the great advice, words of encouragement, nurturing energy and prayers – Oz