Armed only with caffeine and special decoder rings, Conservatives 4 Palin bloggers spend hours pouring through Palin’s public addresses looking for hidden meanings and private instructions.  This time though I fear their leaders have deciphered themselves straight into a code of insanity. Have a peek at this:


“As Governor Palin alluded to last night with Justice Jeanine Pirro, she wants all candidates to go forward and doesn’t want the primary process to be over with.

Before being cut off last night, she began to make the point of “the math is the math.”  In doing so, combined with her plea to “Rage against the Machine, Vote Newt,” Sarah Palin’s message was clear.

In order to give all the non-Romney candidates the push to go forward, “the math” has to be accepted as we are two days away from the Florida primary.

What some seem to be missing is that this was no call for the rest of us to pit the Non-Romney candidates against one another.  “The math is the math” and right now, Newt Gingrich is the closest candidate who can carve out a modest win in Florida if the entire tea party and grassroots would coalesce behind him.  It’s a strategy and not a campaign for one person for the remainder of the primary season.

So yes, as Palin supporters, out of respect of Governor Palin, our mission and immediate call to action has been sounded.  This means that leading up to Florida’s primary, our collective support should be to do whatever we can to get Newt Gingrich as many votes as we can before Tuesday’s primary.

“The math is the math.”  It doesn’t matter if we personally prefer Ron Paul.

It doesn’t matter if we personally prefer Rick Santorum.”

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In a nutty nutshell, the author believes not only does Palin send her supporters secret messages in her speeches, but she is now telling them who to vote for, regardless of who they may want to vote for…

“As Palin supporters, I implore all to set their personal preferences aside and to do what we can to follow her strategic lead… Governor Palin’s political instincts are top notch…  this website is focused on… being behind her 100% regardless of our personal feelings.” – Steve Flesher

Yeah, don’t bother casting your ballot for the guy you trust, vote for Newt because Sarah sent us a message instructing us how to vote! Go America!

I swear I can smell the faintest whiff of election tampering.