March 2012




… as did the apostles and saints.

At least three of the apostles in the Last Supper are wearing hoodies of the day… and Christ is wearing a cape meant to be drawn over the head in the rain or cold… like a hoodie.

How do you like THEM apples Geraldo?

From the UK:

President Barack Obama was caught on microphone telling Dmitry Medvedev that he would have more flexibility after November’s election deal with contentious issues such as missile defence.

(Full article and video in link above.)

I’m not an expert on either protocol or diplomacy but I can guess that when two heads of state are talking privately with their heads together in whispers, things are going to be said which are not intended for public consumption.

I’m also pretty certain that whatever ‘arrangements’ were being transacted between the two presidents that Pres. Obama showing personal confidence in winning the upcoming election was more strategy than gaffe. It’s not like we overheard him promising to deliver weapons-grade uranium to Medvedev’s second cousin in Gramercy Park at midnight. No. He was simply strengthening his position – the U.S. position – with an ally.

I wonder how many times McCain told someone “Do this for me now because after I’m elected president…”

And besides – Pres.  Obama was probably telling the truth – he will be in a better position after the November election to come through on his promises to Russia.  When he is re-elected in November will we look back on this and think  he was simply being clairvoyant?

See? Gaffe? What gaffe?




This pretty much says it all…

Although I would have been tempted to add “…and still walking around carrying a loaded gun.”

This is a two-part clip of a video interview between Cenk Uygur of the Young Turks and Larry Pratt, executive director of the Gun Owners of America, who says that George Zimmerman’s claim of self defense in his shooting of Trayvon Martin was fact.

Part One:

Part Two:

How is this even allowed on television? There’s not one fact present in the entire ad… not one. Who thought this was a smart thing to do?

This is free speech? Really?


More at The Hill.

Geraldo Rivera of Fox News Channel is busily defending Trayvon Martin’s shooter by blaming the incident on the kid’s wearing a hoodie. Forget that is was raining and the hoodie was appropriate apparel, it was the hoodie that caused Zimmerman to shoot because you know, hoodies are only worn by bad guys. ( Hey Geraldo –  even your son is ashamed of how you and Fox are spinning this tragedy.)

I’m guessing Rivera is one of these creeps who thinks that if a woman wears a pretty dress it’s her fault for getting raped.

Shame on you.

Full story and update at Think Progress.


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