So there’s this huge conversation at c4p in the comments of this post about Romney – well an arguement really, between people who are still trying to decipher their queen bee’s instructions (issued the day she pulled the plug on their dream of voting her into the WH) regarding the 2012 election and those who insist they already know.

It boils over into a moderator’s defense of backing Romney against those who think backing Romney will simply guarantee an Obama win should Romney win the primary. The word ‘fraud’ is tossed around, an impassioned debate over the true definition of ‘conservative’ ensues and then this:

First, I am incredibly impressed at the success of Pres. Obama’s Operation Fake Citizen. Really, when you take into account the number of people who must have been employed (and must still be employed) to pull off a conspiracy of this magnitude is just inspiring! And then have the fake birth certificate publicly sanctioned by a credible hospital and its full administration is no less then breath-taking! But wait there’s more! The icing on the cake (drum-roll please) is to then be declared an official and true US citizen by the whole of the congress itself – well honestly – the man has earned his title, no?

Second – and the reason I’m typing one-handed through the discomfort of typing at all… the Arpaio report! I’d forgotten all about it and here’s this nutjob delightedly stating it’s going public this week!

If anyone has/gets leads/links please oh please drop me a note in comments – I’ve been dying to see how the flaming loons spin this one 🙂