Thanks to the links provided in the previous post I was able to get this ‘report’ emailed to me. It is supposed to represent a copy of Arpaio’s full report on the results of his 6 month investigation into the legality of Pres. Obama’s birth certificate. It does not. It is simply more of the same unsubstantiated dribble spouted by teabaggers and conspirators alike to cover the fact that we still have citizen’s who are outraged over a black man living in the White House..

I fail to see how this ragtag handful of retired ‘law enforcement’ personnel and their lawyers were given access to private records in a state where none had jurisdiction. Arpaio’s Cold Case Posse may be thought of as an official entity in the state of Arizona, but Pres. Obama’s birth records are housed in Hawaii.

To argue that the birth certificate proffered to the public was nothing more than a computer-generated copy (and therefore a forgery) is beyond ridiculous. Of course the record was computer-generated. All copies of birth and death records are computer-generated. No one ever gets to handle originals – not even the person whose name appears on the record itself. Imagine the chaos that would follow the wrong person getting his or her hands on an original birth certificate.

If this is what Arpaio is basing his case on, then the copy of my birth certificate, acquired from county records in San Francisco prior to my travelling to Australia is also a computer-generated forgery. And so is yours and yours and…

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H/T GinaMOB.