Nancy Pelosi begins by thanking the media for organising video coverage of this hearing – after Republican Leadership denied her access to the actual senate forum. What a disgrace. Republicans are crossing a dangerous line and I so hope 2012 election results will reflect real America.

Full story plus video here

and here.

She the People has the best report here.

============ UPDATE ============

Hardball airs Limbaugh’s reaction to hearing of the president’s call to Ms. Fluke.

And of course Rachel Maddow has the most complete coverage of the story in  it’s entirety

Think Progress is tracking the sponsors leaving the Limbaugh radio show, has an excellent article on the economic benefits of easy-access contraception and a show of support page for standing with Sandra Fluke that anyone can sign.

Here’s hoping this young ladies experience open’s the hearts and minds of many more American voters to the real danger of the Republican quest to diminish women”s rights.

============ Facebook Link ============

As of this posting, this FB page dedicated to boycotting Rush Limbaugh’s radio show has been up for 20 hours, has more than 6,000 likes, and the combined sections of the page have hundreds of shares and comments. I’s absolutely phenomenal how this vile creature has solidified the nation. The old adage of ‘all we need to unite is a common enemy’ is more true today than ever.

Maybe we should be thanking him, after all.