I’ve wanted badly to weigh in on the Limbaugh faux-apology, but for the past 24 hours my arm and hand have been painfully swollen and I’m no longer taking the killer pain meds, so even sitting at my desk is a chore. This, then, is just a short rant, sans links or accurate quotes (I’m pretty sure you’ve all read the apology anyway) but I’m too angry to not say anything at all…

The shock-jock shield Mr. Limbaugh cowers behind can only proffer so much cover. He didn’t make a slip of the tongue when calling this young lady a slut and a prostitute on a single episode of his radio show – he flailed a verbal attack on her three days running, each attack escalating in vitriol above the previous one. His war on Ms. Fluke was calculated, pre-meditated and sincere in its premise that women do not deserve healthcare that covers the reproductive system – and the irony? This was never an issue concerning taxpayers in the first place.

The mere fact that this out-dated ferret of a man believes a woman needs to take birth control pills ‘solely for having sex’ and in the same way men require the use of Viagra (each dose only good for 4 hours) spotlights his total lack of education, low intelligence and complete disregard for the well-being of all females, everywhere.

The apology is as fake as his erections and as epic a fail as his failed marriages and I pray Ms. Fluke sues him into pauperdom.

But my biggest sense of shear anger must be directed at his hypocritical comments aimed at the Democrats when he had the unmitigated gall to claim this was a frivolous issue that detracted from the real problems facing congress and the country. For months and months his ‘Grand Old Party’ has flooded congressional floors with anti-abortion, personhood issues which have flatlined all progress on countless other issues facing our injured nation, are far more invasive on women’s rights and would legalize far deeper reaches by the government into a woman’s womb.

To say now, through the issue of not wanting insurance companies to be responsible towards women regarding birth control is in direct contradiction of his political beliefs that the government, his government, should have absolute dictatorshipl over the female reproductive system.

Pick a side you feckless prick – either a woman has the right to control her own body or she doesn’t – but you and your Nazi-publican cronies can’t have it both ways.

Sieg Heil! Mien Kampf…