With 11 sponsors and two radio spots down, Rush Limbaugh’s proverbial ship is taking on water at a rapid pace.That’s good news for the rest of us.

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Sarah’s FB post ostracizing Pres. Obama for his phone call to Ms. Fluke was regrettable. Considering the pounding given David Letterman over a late night joke aimed at her eldest daughter, one would have expected her to flash a bit more maternal towards Ms. Fluke. Surely this is a sign her opinions are crafted for her and that she’s handsomely compensated for her lunatic diatribes.

From Todd to Rice to McCain to Ailes, clearly there’s always been someone’s hand up the bumpit puppet’s ass.

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2 Excellent reads at the Daily Beast – click headlines for links…

The GOP’s Rush Limbaugh Problem Deepens After His ‘Slut’ Attack

Whatever the damage to the nation’s top radio talker, he has put a face on the argument that President Obama’s party has been mounting for months—that Republicans are waging a “war on women.” In calling Georgetown law student Sandra Fluke a “slut” and a “prostitute” merely because she testified to Congress in favor of insurance coverage for birth control, Limbaugh has given the Democrats an indelible image to make their case.

Despite Sandra Fluke Apology, Rush Limbaugh Advertisers Sign Off

While Rush is still a giant of the talk-radio industry, there are signs of erosion. Right-wing talk-radio ratings have been declining, at least in part because of PPMs, a new, more accurate way of measuring listenership. In Chicago, Boston, and Minneapolis, local talk-radio stations outperform the station that airs Rush and his national conservative-talk cohort. In San Diego, Philadelphia, and Washington, the local NPR station outranks the Rush affiliates.  <snip>

In what might be another ominous sign for Rush & Co., Mike Huckabee will be starting a nationally syndicated radio show in April for the Cumulus network, which could be positioned to displace Rush in some markets. A former preacher, governor, and presidential candidate, Mike Huckabee is highly conservative, but he is also unfailingly civil. 


Big companies join the Rush exodus – Allstate, JC Penny, Netflix, Capitol One to name a few and: