…and the most idiotic part – is that none of his information (upon which he bases his insults) was true.

!. Ms. Fluke never discussed her own sex life nor did she discuss the availability of birth control for anything other than medical reasons such as the prevention of ovarian cysts.

2. Ms Fluke was not asking for taxpayer funds. She was making a case for female contraception to be provided by employee insurance carriers regardless of an employers religious ideology (religious employers are currently seeking exemption to this congressional ruling).

3. Unlike male medications which address erectile dysfunction and only last a few hours at a time, female birth control pills are taken daily, one per day, regardless of how much sexual activity is encountered.

(Please note most insurance carriers cover at least partial cost of Viagra and the religious groups seeking exemption from covering female contraception have no problem covering erectile dysfunction medications for their male employees.)

Knowing this, Mr. Limbaugh launched this three-day assault on Ms. Fluke – (deliberately?) mispronouncing her name at every turn – a huge insult for someone of Mr. Limbaugh’s age and level of social education. Are we to believe that none of his producers bothered to correct him? Is his staff that stupid? Of course not. The personal slight was purposeful and well-aimed.

From think Progress:


============ UPDATE ============

Ahhh… insight!

Clear Channel’s Directors Give Big to Romney, Who Won’t Criticize Limbaugh

The directors of Clear Channel, which hosts Rush Limbaugh’s show, have been big donors to Mitt Romney’s campaigns, which might help explain why Romney has been so reluctant to criticize Rush.

Fourteen directors of Clear Channel, the company that hosts the Rush Limbaugh show, have contributed $726,400 to Mitt Romney since 1994, most of it in the current presidential campaign.

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