A fan of Mike Huckabee I most certainly am not. But if the information in this article from the Wall Street Journal is an accurate prediction of things to come, I might even tune into the man’s radio talk show on occasion to hear what his conservative view has to offer.

It could very well be that Rush Limbaugh is about to take his rightful place among the other dinosaurs in Jurassic Park. That would be great, thanks.

An excerpt:

Starting April 9, Mr. Huckabee, a Fox News Channel commentator, will go head-to-head with Mr. Limbaugh in a syndicated radio program airing in the noon to 3 p.m. Eastern time, weekday slot.

“The Huckabee Show” will initially air on 140 stations, well short of Mr. Limbaugh’s roughly 600. But the recent drama over Mr. Limbaugh calling a Georgetown law student a “slut” for her comments about contraception insurance coverage has given Mr. Huckabee an opening. Numerous advertisers bolted from “The Rush Limbaugh Show,” and at least two stations dropped the program.

With the slogan “more conversation, less confrontation,” the syndicator behind “Huckabee,” Cumulus Media Networks, has been pitching the new show to advertisers as a less combative alternative to Mr. Limbaugh.