Executive Producer Jeff Zucker today announced key production updates for Katie Couric’s highly anticipated nationally syndicated talk show, “Katie.” The live, weekday show has already been cleared in 94% of the country, and will premiere on Monday, September 10, 2012. The show is distributed by Disney-ABC Domestic Television.

So this Tuesday, did a few million people tune into the Today Show to see Sarah rather than Katie? You betcha… because we know Katie’s going to be there for us in the long haul – but Sarah’s always a train-wreck waiting to happen and most of us were compelled to watch. (We’re only human.)

But the truth is, once the novelty is over and the Wasilla-Hillbilly voice has scratched through the surface of our tolerance, the millions of rubberneckers will change the channel, Sarah will morph back  into a cliche and Katie will still be there, a well-credentialed, professional journalist.

About the Today show… I am so disappointed in Matt Lauer for not calling Sarah out on her President Obama bashing. He never questioned one of her erroneous statements and she gave him plenty of opportunity. For instance, President Obama does not set the price of gasoline, the world market does. And President Obama didn’t support the banks bail-outs to protect the bankers – he did it to protect the hundreds of millions of Americans who had their life savings IN those banks.

Shame on Matt for not standing up to her. Really, a shameful display of journalism.