From the Washington Post:

NEW YORK — ABC’s “Good Morning America” is claiming a one-day victory in viewership over longtime champ “Today” on NBC.

 On Wednesday, “GMA” was watched by 5.236 million viewers, while 5.149 million viewers tuned into “Today,” according to the Nielsen Co.

Wow. Can we let that sink in for a moment?

On the day before, Tuesday, the day Sarah Palin supposedly walloped Katie Couric by attracting 4.5 million viewers to Katie’s .5 million viewers, Palin fans were quick to do the ‘landslide victory lap’ with their queen.  But then on Wednesday, Ryan Seacrest drew one million more viewers (ratings reported viewers at 5.5  million) than had tuned in to see Sarah on Tuesday and as it turns out, The Today Show N O R M A L L Y enjoys an audience of between 4 and 5 million daily.

So in reality, Sarah’s appearance had little effect on the show’s average, daily ratings.

Her actual ratings bump was in the mere thousands, compared to Seacrest who bumped the numbers by exactly one million. Hardly worth the effort of polishing the crown…