Evidently, when it comes to food Mitt Romney is one of those finicky eaters who only eats what he likes and hates what he doesn’t like. I’ve had the misfortune of having to cook for people like this – folks who aren’t content to just dislike a food item but feel compelled to let all those around them know they are displeased with what has been put in front of them. It’s a confusing, frustrating time in the kitchen when you are responsible for a finicky eaters’ diet.

According to Mother Jones, Romney’s eating habits caused some hiccoughs on the campaign trail and someone somewhere dug up a restaurant review (well of course he was an actual food critic – finicky eaters who are also eccentric to the bone usually fancy themselves as having impeccable taste ). It is a review  of an Olive Garden in Grand Rapids, North Dakota and Mother Jones has published it in it’s entirety here:

It starts off like this…

Olive Garden is Great
By Mitt Romney

 Let me tell you, this place is great. Is this where you folks normally eat? Only when you’re broke, that’s right. Heh.

I’m not going to critique the critique… you be the judge. I’m just sad for the negative publicity. There’s tongue-in-cheek and then there’s just mean.  Back in the nineties, that was a favourite place of mine to dine and I never had a negative moment in any of the Olive Gardens I ever visited.

For someone touted as a professional, nationally recognised commentator on food and culture I think Mitt Romney is a huge flop.

Lead-in story to this post is here at the Daily meal where his unkind words are boasted as a hilarious review. I evidently have quite a different sense of humour.