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Where in the world is Carmen Sandiego screenie

Ok. Moment’s passed.

Last weekend George Zimmerman dropped off the map. His (now former) attorneys of record came out earlier in the week to announce they no longer represented Mr. Zimmerman (albeit they still back his killing of Trayvon Martin as justifiable) as he has not returned phone calls and appears no longer to be at his Florida residence.  They cited the knowledge of Zimmerman having contacted Sean Hannity (Fox News Channel) to arrange an interview against their instruction as the main reason for dumping him as a client.

Well sure. Because chatting up Hannity is way more offensive than having murdered an innocent teenager.

Think Progress has the scoop on Zimmerman and Hannity here.

Think Progress has the announcement of Zimmerman’s attorneys ditching him here.

Laurence O’Donnell has an updated video of the attorneys resignations from the Zimmerman defense here.

Both Think Progress  articles have videos worth watching. There’s also a short about how an unnamed relative has come forward (well, how ‘forward’ can it be if he or she is unnamed) to tell the world not to bother looking for George in Florida because he’s no longer there. (Exit mysterious witness stage right.)

Hey wait – How can this be? I thought all reputable, conservative Republicans like Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann, Sean Hannity and Bill O’Reilly didn’t believe in anonymous sources? Hmmm. Must only be Democratic anonymous sources they berate.

Well here it is Thursday morning and Zimmerman is still AWOL and I want to know… how? why? He has not been formally charged with the killing of Trayvon Martin – but neither has he been cleared. So while he is still under investigation, how can it be legal for him to have left town?

Mr. Zimmerman has launched a website titled therealgeorgezimmerman. Outfitted with a PayPal button the website elicits financial donations to cover George’s living (on the lam) expenses while he’s being investigated.  Makes sense. Free money is free money – Sarah taught her party well.

But with almost a week between George launching a website, donning running shoes and now, my multi-question of the day is this:

Where is George Zimmerman?

Why was he allowed to leave town?

Is he still packing a loaded gun?

And if none of those questions make you just a little uncomfortable ask  this one:

Does this face say Computer Savvy Web Author to you?

Somebody had to create his website and show him how to use PayPal. He didn’t figure it out on his own.

Is the IRS out there?

============ UPDATE ============

New Question: Can his whereabouts not be traced via receipt of funds from the PayPal account?


Watching the live-feed video here.

I feel relieved that a person who actively carried a loaded weapon and has killed at least one person under most questionable circumstances is no longer roaming around, free to be provoked into shooting someone else.