Malia Litman posted this story on her blog today – and because it speaks to a sentiment by which so many of us have been so frustrated for so long I thought it should be re-posted – everywhere.

It’s not by accident Alaskan bloggers refer to Sarah Palin as Granny Grifter. Alaska’s taxpayers have been witness to (and victims of) the Palin’s enjoying unearned government perks for a couple of decades now. In fact, the list of the number of incidents that directly or indirectly put government funds and personal donations into Palin pockets since her mayorship back in the nineties is mind-numbing. How she’s been able to get away with the practice of stealing from tax payers for so long could almost cause one to believe in miracles.

But now the publicly-aired quarterly financial reports are shining bright on Sarah’s grifting and a few of her faithful followers and regular PAC contributors are stepping into the light. They are beginning to ask questions like why are their donations to SarahPAC  paying three ladies in Wasilla a total of $35,000 for three months of clerical work? Why did the PAC foot the bill for a $19,000,  2-minute video to rebut the movie Game Change – when neither the HBO movie itself or the rebuttal have anything at all to do with the current election cycle?

And I must admit, for all the time and energy I’ve personally spent on this blog jumping up and down, flailing my arms while trying to help the other bloggers shine that light on the Palin’s unethical fleecing of the public  – it’s now rather satisfying to rest on the sidelines with the others and think … hey Palinbots? Told you so!

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The Atlantic article by staff writer Conor Friedersdorf is here.

Nice catch Malia – you may have found a Republican we can actually get behind.