It’s not that this is new information. It’s that now that Mitt Romney appears to be the presumptive candidate for the 2012 election, we have to wonder how he’ll back peddle his way out of condemning ObamaCare – because our current president thought RomneyCare was such a great idea (and has always given Romney his due credit) he fashioned his Affordable Health Care Act after the Republican governor’s

RomneyCare is now 6 years old (2/2/06).  Team Obama went on youtube in Februaryto wish RomneyCare a very Happy Birthday, and to thank former Governor Romney for this brilliant health care platform. Today, Team Obama uses the youtube clip to remind Republicans that the medical health care plan they so eagerly oppose and want to repeal… WAS REALLY THEIR IDEA!

It’s going to be interesting to see how agile Mitt is at flip-flopping on his own creation. Methinks he missed his true calling. He should have been a gymnast.