From a Diane Sawyer interview just hours ago…

I am so over all the open disrespect shown our duly-elected, highly successful, currently seated president. Totally over it.


TED NUGENT recently endorsed Mitt Romney. In fact, Romney actually solicited Nugent’s endorsement. This weekend at an NRA conference (while the media was in a frenzy over Hilary Rosen’s overly-disected statement about Ann Romney not understanding what it’s like to be a middle-class working mother) Ted Nugent took to a microphone and called President Obama everything but a white boy.

He even stated the current Obama administration was “as Nazi Germany as it gets”. Listen for yourself:

If you don’t have the stomach for the 3 minute audio – News Corpse has a transcript here.

Quote: “We need to ride into Washington in November and chop their heads off!”

yeah, that’s who I want leading my country…

But let’s make sure we continue to harp at Ms. Rosen for stating a truth and ignore the treasonous rhetoric spewing hate from the Romney camp.