This morning, having a cuppa with cousin Margaret, she told me Sarah Palin was going to be on television this evening. She saw the ad on TV and couldn’t wait to give me the news! Margaret loves to tell me things she’s heard about the Palins because she says I’m very entertaining when I get all riled up and animated.

Margaret has recently been moved into a residential care facility where spouse and I now go every Sunday morning to have morning tea, bring her treats and try to make her transition more bearable. And I secretly overdo my reactions to her Palin comments – just to see her laugh.  On top of loving this woman to bits, it’s part of my job as Yank to be a silly one.

**Notice**  I hate hot key shortcuts. Especially when (A) you don’t know what they are and (B) they surprise you by posting your unfinished article in the middle of a sentence… grrr  (if you got here to find only part of this post up – sorry!)

When arriving back home I looked it up and sure enough, Nick Broomfield’s documentary finally hit Australia. I did screenshots of the TV Guide and Sydney Herald write-up in case just giving you this link didn’t work.

[Click each image to enlarge]

If I read this correctly, the Sydney Herald Staff writer wasn’t too keen on the results of Broomfield’s effort to track down the ‘real’  Sarah Palin – but neither was he complimentary about the Grizzled Mama herself. While referring to her in one sentence as one of the greatest political stories of the decade, he appears verbally stressed over the fact that the documentary makes her appear sympathetic.

Or maybe, even after 15 years of living on this island, I still don’t quite speak fluent Australian. (LOL).

Anyway, have a read and you tell me what the writer was thinking…

Here’s the Sydney Herald TV Guide version of the promo: