I swear these look like ice skates to me…

Not my photo – the original photos are here and the C4P story is here.

In a nutshell, the nutcase from AK got paid big bucks to spout her ‘we are the daughters of God’ dribble to an infatuated crowd of women at a religious convention over the weekend. I could care less. Well, except that every time she gets paid for spewing this crap some poor young, innocent woman gets sucked into the vortex.

There is something interesting going on though I thought in these recent speeches of hers… Sarah is actually instructing women to stand up for themselves. And the hidden problem with this for her is that in teaching women to stand up for themselves – they eventually, actually – will πŸ™‚


============Β  UPDATEΒ  ============

Irishgirl’s comment section piqued my interest even more so I thought what the heck – Google Images! And sure enough… there they were… FOR SALE!

And the BEST part is (drumroll please…) the shoes are called


That’s them, right?

Please make my day and tell me Sarah (you lil’ ho, you) wore shoes named after ‘the world’s oldest profession’Β  to a religious convention!

Talk about biblical!

BTW – shoes can be found here. This pair are sold out but the other HOBAK shoes seem to all be around $150-$200 each.