If you were ever impressed by the $250,000,000.00 Mitt Romney is purported to be worth think about this: It is entirely possible that come December, after the tallies are taken, the Republicans – in less than one year – will have gambled EIGHT TO TEN TIMES that amount to put him in the White House.

Donald Trump (you know – the guy who turned bankruptcy into a lucrative business back in the 80’s) has created his very own Super PAC, seeding it with $10 million in the hope he will help Romney raise over $2 billion.

Personally, I think giving The Donald a Super PAC is like giving a bottle of vodka to a drunk – but that’s just me.

And this is only one facet of Republican fundraising. It’s estimated the total amounts raised by November will have reached between $250 million and $3 billion, (including the primaries). That’s insane!

I don’t recall where but sometime in the last 10 years I read a report that made the claim: the entire world population could be fed on $18 million. I can’t remember if this was meant for a day, a month or a year, but I do remember feeling it was a very conservative amount, considering. (Googling this now got me nowhere, sadly.)

Then that horrid crash in the stock market happened where it was reported that Bill Gates had lost $18 million in one day and I thought – wow – he could have fed the world with that same amount and been a hero!

The Republican campaign coffers this year are literally engorged with cash and I can’t help wonder why this same enthusiasm isn’t given to feeding the world, instead.Think of the roads that could be fixed or shelters built – children saved by such impressive donations.

Think of the good that would come from that campaign money being fed back into the very government the Republicans are in such a frenzy to ‘restore’… more veterans could keep their benefits maybe. Or more hospitals could remain open.

I mean really, how can ONE PERSON so adamantly refuse to let their tax money go to paying for homeless shelters and school improvements – but throw hundreds of dollars into a Super PAC that has no guarantee the money won’t just end up in some fat cat’s pockets????

A whole lot of people could enjoy real benefits from the obscene amounts of campaign funds collected by the Republicans this year. Too bad they’re going to just piss it away instead…