It would help to know ‘why’ you think this is a bad idea as this is exactly the place where ideas are shared. Here’s why I think it’s a good idea:

Many years ago I worked for a hotel manager who decided, after ten years, he wanted to replace me with a younger woman. He felt my position warranted a more youthful face. The problem was I belonged to a union which said he couldn’t arbitrarily fire me. He needed cause and I needed to either demonstrate an unwillingness to comply with company policy, or suddenly become completely inept at my job duties. He fought hard. I stood firm.

What he could do was make my life miserable by giving me the worst shifts. When even that didn’t work, he began calling me horrid names. One of the milder epithets tossed in my direction was ‘company cow’.  When forced to work Halloween night (knowing I preferred to be with my children trick-or-treating) I showed up at work in full costume – as a guernsey cow complete with a bell that I proudly rang and rang and rang ad nauseum.

I pwned the cow. It was now MY joke and the prick for whom I worked lost face with his heretofore supporters.

This is the effect of owning the word ‘Slut’. When you own it – not only can no one ever use it against you again – it makes those who try look as small as they really are.

To go a step further, Rush Limbaugh calls us sluts for simply wanting equal pay for equal work,  for wanting our health insurance to cover basic female health care the details of which to remain between us and our doctors – and not be hand-selected by legislators or employers.

It’s perfectly ok for Rush Limbaugh to have his health care insurance cover the cost of his Viagra prescription but not for my health care insurance to cover the cost of contraceptives which can – among other things – cure and prevent disease?

Whether you object to the RTSV tactic or not – these women are out there speaking and fighting for your rights in the middle of a huge delegation of Republicans who are currently trying their level best to take them all away.

And according to the RTSV FB page this morning, there’s evidently a new political party being talked about on another site as we speak – all about the women and not the politicians:

Women Rally in Washington to protect rights.

Check them out.



Jesse, over at The Immoral Minority, posted about a group called Rock The Slut Vote. So I went to their website and was hooked! In fact, I took their two-part test to see if I was a slut or not and…

…turns out I’m not just a slut but a RED HOT one and…

…an OPTIMISTIC one to boot!

Well I did burn my bra back in the sixties… so yeah.

There was a hitch in my initial registering as most US forms hate-hate-hate Australia’s 4-digit zip code – but a very nice lady erm I mean Slut named Susan (Hi Susan! Thanks again!) worked hard to fix the problem so Australia could get onto their group-Slut map as well:

Registering requires only an email address, country and zip code. And it doesn’t matter where you live! We’re all welcome to take part! All of our uteri are on the line here.

There’s an option to purchase an enrollment gift package – which I did – and I can’t wait to get my Rush Limbaugh Thinks I’m a Slut bumper sticker!

You can follow RTSV on Facebook and Twitter and they have several very informative posts already on Facebook – like this one:

Some very funny sayings like this one:

and a few quite clever out the Republican slogans like this one:

And the very best feature is their Frontline News section which has a complete listing of all legislation aimed at destroying women’s rights – per state – so we all know where and when to vote for what bit… Very convenient!

So go! Take the test! Share with us what kind of Slut you are! Then read everything you can about how we can help get those nasty Republicans out of our bodies once and for all!

Links to visit and share:

Rock The Slut Vote (War On Women) home page

Frontline (War On Women) News

Rock The Slut Vote (War on Women) Facebook page

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Go Sluts!!!