Way back here I wrote a post explaining why I support President Obama. Today I received two rather disrespectful comments at this post and I thought I’d address the issue of name-calling here.

There’s a lot of it in the media these days. And I don’t mean just the average, run-of-the-mill calling an elected official a rat-bag or incompetent dirtwad, I mean real name-calling that’s meant to completely colour over the person’s entire personality making them something they – actually aren’t.

If  (Mr. Southers) you feel better calling me a mother fucker go ahead. But stop calling my president – whom you helped to elect – this completely demeaning and untruthful moniker which he has done not one thing to deserve. Your level of disrespect borders on treasonous. Grow up. Stop it.

This image says it all:

And while we’re at it… instead of wasting so much energy dermeaning our president how about answering this question? You Republicans set our congress in motion under the auspices of being better at creating jobs then the Democrats.


Where are they?