I have no idea whether Levi Johnston relinquished the surname of his son Tripp to the Palins or not – but I’m pretty sure that had this happened it would have been page one of every Palin-related blog from Alaska to Florida. So why these big-time television productions continue to refer to this child as Trip Palin is beyond my grasp. Do reporters not even bother to get their subject’s names right or are the Palins at the heart of the deceit?

But that’s not even the thing that’s bugging me the most this morning. Promo photos of Bristol’s new show (to air 19 June 2012 on Lifetime) purportedly taken between from last month and this have me chin-scratching.

See for yourself:

Now I know a kids physical appearance can change in a heartbeat and a haircut that removes all the baby curls can add a surprising amount of age to a young boys face – but really – my first impression was “Did they highlight his hair to make him look younger??? Had I not seen other photos of Tripp with the tow-head blonde curls (since 2009) I would have stuck with that impression too.

So let’s say (for the sake of argument) the photographer’s statement of having taken the tow-head photo in May 2012 is accurate (see below) and the unknown date shot was taken in June. That would explain the difference in hair. But it doesn’t explain the difference in size.  The little boy sharing a frosting kiss with his mom looks so much taller and bigger in his upper body than the small boy sitting on his mom’s lap I can barely keep from shaking my head in disbelief.

Then it occurred to me that the photographer’s statement actually reads this:

Bristol has been shopping her reality show for close to if not more than two years. If this ‘pose’ was taken during an earlier promotion, that would place Tripp’s age as three years old more than a year ago – and his new older look for the newer promos would then make perfect sense.

Did the Palins shanghai his real surname and his real age?

I’m guessing one way or another this reality show is going to bite Bristol in the ass.