From RTSV Facebook page comes three new video responses to Michigan’s incredibly stupid ban on elected female pollies use of the word vagina – and the massive rally held on the Michigan state capitol steps where the Vagina Monologues were read aloud to a crowd of more than 5,000.

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The comments are great – even if you’re not on FB, click the link above and go have a read…

And here are the three best videos (links courtesy of RTSV)

Favourite lines from the MOC video:

Apparently, in Michigan, if you don’t see or hear something it doesn’t exist – now or ever – this goes for vaginas, dinosaurs and Oprah’s TV network!

If you’re wrong about something, you can’t just make up a law that says you weren’t wrong… [sic] if you’ve pissed off 90% of human beings who own vaginas you have to sit there and take it while the vagina people call you vagina-hating ??? tards!

haha if anyone can distinguish the last words in that PLEASE post them in the comments!


Favourite lines from Tyrannosaurus Rocks:

Women know pink taco don’t bite – you should’ve heard what they said to the far right… Vagina!

I bet your mama had a bearded clam – but you still defunded her breast exam!

and finally…

Favourite lines from Lisa Koch:

Because nobody knows more about women’s issues than middle-aged men with combovers.

Don’t you guys have anything better to do than – say – jobs or the economy or… passing any legislature whatsoever?

I’m guessing the Republican Party in general is regretting their knee-jerk reactions to women and our needs of late…

I can’t remember when the public has had so much fun with a simple little word. There is that old line from the Terminator I’ll be back! Funny – same number of syllables. Go ahead – say it in Arnie’s voice:

I’ll be back!


Made you giggle didn’t it 🙂