So what do the other 25.5 million Texans want to do? Is anyone going to ask them? I find it annoyingly interesting that even though more than 62 million Americans voted for Barack Obama in this last election the only voices being heard at the moment are the less than 50,000 across 20 states calling for secession. That’s like having 600 children where two of them are acting up – and giving only those two all the attention.

But let’s say for the sake of argument that these nut-jobs get their way. What will this tantrum actually get them?

In the case of Texas it could get them this:
*Instant closure of all federal buildings and programs.
*Stopping of all SSI, unemployment and Medicare benefits.
*Federally backed business loans called in.
*Utilities (gas, electricity and water) connected to any federally-owned station shut down.
*Federally-owned lands such as National Parks closed until after sale/disbursement of property.
*All military bases closed and non-residents recalled.
*All federal prisons closed – non-resident prisoners moved elsewhere. Jailed Texans released.
*Hospitals, schools, Universities, research centers receiving federal grants closed.
*All Post Offices shut down.
*Trucking Industry to negotiate separate trade agreements with US before commerce can resume.
*Passports needed to enter neighbouring states.
*Federally subsidized cell towers.telephone lines shut down.
*Federal/military tolls/roadblocks set up at each major road leading in and out of Texas.
*All federally backed emergency services (fire, search and rescue, highway patrol) shut down.
*End of all farm subsidies.
*End of safe FDA regulation of dairy and cattle.
*All Texas-born military personnel relieved of duty and sent home (to join the now continually growing unemployment line).

Neither Red Cross nor FEMA would  be among the first responders in the event of any future emergency (hurricane, tornado, inland fire, oil spill, etc.).

The federal government would no longer regulate commerce, banking, insurance, OSHA policies to see the people get a fair deal.

Be careful what you wish for Texas. The rest of us just might give it to you and take our funds back. We can always use some extra cash.

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