Yesterday I read this article about how MI lawmakers went behind closed doors to bully through legislature, a law that will allow guns in schools – and they did this literally hours ahead of the Sandy Hook school shooting. I posted the link on my FB page and got this unexpected reply:

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Living in the Past












I think I’m over proponents of no gun-control laws throwing the Second Amendment in my face. It might have been a good idea at the time but like all things, times change and we either embrace the changes or drown in our own stubborn ignorance.

The above commenter lives in Michigan and like so many other gun-toting Americans believes that if everyone owned a gun the Adam Lanzas of this world would be stopped dead in their tracks and all the victims would be saved.

Excuse me – but I think someone’s watched too many westerns and confused John Wayne with the average school teacher.

By the time a heroic school admin (or any other private citizen) identified a shooting was taking place, found, dusted off and loaded their Smith & Wesson, the guy with the semi-automatic would have already fired off at least 30 shots and would now be staring at the admin with a Paul Hogan-ish That’s not a gun – THIS is a gun look in his eye. And then the hero would be dead, too.

As a nation we are not trained to react to terrorist danger, use sophisticated firearms or think like an experienced Navy Seal. It would take our brains way too long to process all the information coming at us with lightning speed. We’re lucky to have the time and wherewithal  to hide our kids in closets and cabinets.

Private ownership of guns has passed its use-by date and it’s really time to rethink the whole concept.

I have a cousin with epilepsy. He’s not allowed to drive a car. He can, however, go to any gun show and buy a semi-automatic weapon and unlimited ammo. Go America.