… would you still fight as hard for the right to smoke, 200 years later, after science had proven how dangerous it was? And not just dangerous to the person smoking but to those around him?

The science that unmasked the inherent dangers of gun violence in the United States has been successfully suppressed by National Rifle Association lobbyists since the 1980’s. Just like the big Tobacco companies before them, the NRA paid elected officials to quash current and make illegal any future research on the issue of gun violence.

If you’d known about the science, would you still hold so tightly to your 2nd Amendment rights that you would oppose any form of gun control – slash – regulations research or legislation concerning public availability of military-style weapons or super ammo?

It seems to me this issue is a chance for us to evolve as a society or prove we are no better educated than our slave-holding, tobacco-growing forefathers.