April 2013

TV’s NEW GIRL star Zooey Deschanel was mistakenly named as the Boston Bomber by Fox News – this article over at Upworthy is worth the full read. What idiots!


Well sure I can see how they got this wrong  –  I mean they look so much alike – and they both have European names – and they both have TV shows ON FOX – oh wait…




He’s just a baby.

The FBI hass a website devoted to gathering information concerning the identity of these two men, suspected to haven taken part in the Boston Marathon bombing earlier this week.

Please take a really good look at the FBI photo below and if you have any information at all, go to this site and fill in the short form.

(click image to enlarge – full image is over 900 pixels wide)

Bombing suspects

She was an outstanding human being.

Annette n Mickey