It seems another female senator was responsible for actually getting the vote delayed past the midnight deadline, as Lt. Gov. Dewhurst successfully ended Wendy Davis’ epic filibuster prior to midnight (by claiming she’d gathered a third breach) in enough time to call for a vote. But Wendy Davis was not the only female senator in the room…

State Senator Leticia Van de Putte stood up and posed this question:.

“At what point must a female Senator raise her hand or her voice to be recognized over her male colleagues in the room?”

The crowd cheered for fifteen minutes – just long enough for the clock to run past midnight nullifying any hope of a senate vote.

The Daily Beast has the full story here.

Buzzfeed has the story on the timestamp swap – yes – it actually happened. Republicans actually tried to change the timestamp to make the senate vote valid. (Click Bussfeed above for link to full story.) And just to be clear. this is tampering with official documents – and completely illegal. If Texans don’t prosecute the culprits most of us will be very disappointed.

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From the NYTimes:
AUSTIN, Tex. — Hours after claiming that they successfully passed some of the toughest abortion restrictions in the country, Republican lawmakers in Texas reversed course on Wednesday and said a disputed late-night vote on the bill did not follow legislative procedures, rendering the vote moot and giving Democrats a bitterly fought if probably short-lived victory. 

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Because when the cries of the people go against your personal party loyalties, well it’s only right that you tweak the rules to fit what the party wants – right?

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