This is the face of the man who personally made abortions – any abortion for any reason – illegal in the country of Chile, South America.

Gen Pinochet

Dictator General Augusto Pinochet assumed power of Chile in 1973 and immediately put an end to a woman’s right to choose her health over a pregnancy, even if that pregnancy meant she would lose her life – of if it was the result of rape or incest. Because that what dictators do. They like to ensure they will have lots of little hayseeds who will fo their bidding and make lots more little hayseeds of their own.

But no matter how conservative the good citizens of Chile remain, years after the General is long gone, the world is changing and people are waking up. And change, albeit traditionally slow, is on the horizon.

Today, in Chile, there is a little girl whose life is at stake, threatened by the fetus she carries, placed in her 11 year old body by the middle-aged boyfriend of her mother. Both she and the fetus are at risk and her doctors have said the only chance for the little girl to survive is to have an abortion. But authorities, while no longer ruled by the hand of a dictator, still remain cemented by the beliefs of the Catholic church and unwilling to budge on the issue of abortion, have denied the request.

But this is not 1973 anymore and the women of Chile have been stirred to action. There is an online petition to save this little girl’s life and a growing public outcry for reform. The current government may not be moved to change, but the public no longer feels that a blanket ruling making all abortions illegal is still acceptable.

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